Day 3 and 4

Hello!  pBen here.  I’m going to post a few pictures here with brief descriptions.  Sorry this will be short, but I need to turn in soon from a long day!

IMG_5098Here is a picture of Jeff helping one of the kids with a craft from our VBS.  We have done two days of VBS, with kids from the neighborhood by the church, who normally come for English class.  They are precious kids, fun-loving and friendly!


After VBS, some of the church members took us along to visit some of the kids at their homes.  It was an eye-opening experience to see where they lived.  Many lived in very small rooms, shared with several other people.

IMG_5109Here is a group picture including the kids from VBS, and many of the college students who are members of the church who helped and translated for us.


We also have been getting to know these wonderful college students from the church.  Also pictured is a missionary intern who has been serving with us.  The students are so friendly and enthusiastic about helping us.  We have heard many great stories that we will share with you soon!


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