Day 10

Hey Y’all it’s Fi. Today is our last day in Phnom Penh before flying back home. We had our last debriefing session in the morning with Albert at MTW headquarters. He helped our team reflect our time here by asking questions including:

1) What did you learn about God?

2) What went well (planning, logistics, schedule, ministry time, lodging food etc.)?

We answered with:

  • God is…

Big — He gives each and every one of us unique burdens based on different environments/ cultures.

Sovereign — Even though we weren’t sure of certain things like activities or scheduling, it all worked out the way God wanted it (ie: Coffee house logistics, raining frequently but when we were indoors, village outreach activities)Also,the Sunday we attended GCF service, it so happened that a man shared his testimony, which doesn’t happen every week. God showed us exactly what He wanted each of us to see and learn from this trip.

Some other answers we said were: God is…the God of all cultures, in control, provides, unpredictable, and worthy.

2) Things that went well…

– The interactions with our team and the local church via skype to plan the trip made it more tangible to see who we’d be partnering with in Cambodia.

– We appreciated that the trip was tailored made to the gifts and talents of the individuals on our team and according to the specific needs of the church.

– There was always a host missionary or local with us to accompany us on our travels and events.

– The lodging we stayed at, Green Pasture Inn, was awesome and the owners are a married couple who both run two different NGO’s one serving children and the other women.

Then, some university students from GCF church met us at KFC for our last meal in Cambodia. It was sweet to see their faces one last time. One student asked us what our prayer requests were and for us to pray for his friend to come to know Christ. Honestly, both parties didn’t remember each others’ names but nonetheless we enjoyed our time snacking on chicken and encouraging each other.

We arrive at the airport and are greeted by Pastor Borin of GCF, his wife Moneh, Corey & his son. As we say our goodbyes, we were told that more university students wanted to see us off so we waited another 30 minutes. When some staff and students arrived, they were soaking wet from the rain and had big smiles on their faces. After many hugs, handshakes, and waving goodbyes, we parted ways. But we’ll be back… hopefully!


10 hours later, our flight has been delayed a few times in China and we are waiting to fly home.


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